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Our Team

Sarah Muthoni


Meet Sarah whose passion is to share Africa`s most incredible safari experiences. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, with partners all over sub-Saharan Africa, the Adventure Maasai Mara Group has helped travelers discover Africa since 2009 with more than 10 years of collective experience in the Africa travel industry, we have the best expertise to make sure you enjoy Africa.

Paul Mwangi

Paul is Adventure Maasai Mara Sales and product manager, responsible for managing the Adventure Masai Mara sales consultants as well as all the product and itineraries that we promote. Born in Kenya and passionate about anything to do with Travel related.

Paul`s bucket list is purely traveling experience-related. Loves sampling different food and drinks

Raheem Mwema

The Best Kenyan Safari guide

Raheem was Born on the eastern side of Kenya few Kilometers to Tsavo East National Park. As a young man, he worked as a local guide in many parks in Kenya and learned tracking, signs, and alarm call interpretation as a necessity for survival in the bush. These skills have proven advantageous to him during his 10-year career as a Kenyan guide, helping him to lead journeys to Kenya, northern Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Raheem now together with other professional safari guides enjoy sharing with his guest his experiences and tales from the bush where he loves to work.



Francis is a Naturalist, Guide and has spent over 10 years exploring East Africa as a guide, and is recognized for leading highly personalized trips into the most remote and wildlife-rich areas. Francis is widely traveled in the region and East Africa.

Charles Wakibiru

Born and grew up in central Kenya near Mount Kenya where there was an abundance of wildlife and beautiful sceneries of landscapes.

His love with nature started while a young kid when he was exploring the Bush, this resulted in a deep affinity with Nature, flora, and fauna. For the love and passion in it, a month could not go without planting some indigenous seedlings or rescuing trapped Birds.

His favorite animal is the Cheetah, and his favorite bird is the secretary bird

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James Maingi

James was born at the slopes of Aberdare National park central Kenya. At an early age in primary school in the 90`s, he started visiting Aberdare National park as a scout member and participating in environmental conservation volunteering. This is how James fell in love with nature and made the parks his permanent homes. James completed secondary school and he had no doubt about what he wanted to do in life, so he transferred his hobby into a permanent career.

The fields he tackled range from Mammalogy to entomology, botany to osteology, ornithology to Anthropology and geology.

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