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Tanzania. Few areas of the continent captivate the imagination as does Tanzania. Snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro towers majestically over the horizon, flamingos, and sentinel in the salt pans of Ngorongoro crater, and the hoofbeats of thousands of wildebeest echo over the Serengeti plains. In many ways, this is the Africa of legend where hot, dusty afternoons end abruptly in glorious blazes caress white sands and moss-covered ruins of ancient Swahili city-states dot the shoreline.

Despite all this, Tanzania is remarkably unassuming and low-key, and thus far remained enviably untouched by the tribal rivalries and political upheavals that plague many of its neighbors. While it`s

Ideal for exploring in combination with the other countries covered in this website, it also has more than enough attractions to be a journey on its own.

The most popular areas are: the northern safari circuit around Arusha and the Zanzibar Archipelago have sealed main roads and an array of Hotels and restaurants, and are easily incorporated in a larger East Africa loop.

With more time and more adventure, head south and west, where you will soon find yourself well off the beaten path, surrounded by a Tanzania that is far removed from western development and amenities.

Wherever you visit, the highlight inevitably winds up being Tanzanians themselves, with their characteristic warmth, politeness, and dignity. Chances are that you will want to come back more to Tanzania and Zanzibar, to which most Tanzanians will always say “Karibu tena” meaning welcome back again.

Area 943,000 sq km

Famous for: Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro; Zanzibar; Julius Nyere; Ngorongoro; Tarangire and many more

Population 38 million

Languages: Swahili and English

Money: Tanzania Shillings (TSH)

Country code: 255

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