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Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve. The three national reserves are close to the Ewaso Nyiro river and include a breadth of vegetation wildlife and landscapes. Shaba is known for its great rocky kopjes (isolated hills), natural springs, and doum palms. Samburu and Buffalo Springs are known for open savannah, scrub desert, and verdant river foliage which offers a guarantee of encountering the elephants, reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostriches, Beisa oryxes, and the elegant giraffe-necked gerenuks.

In terms of accommodation, the reserves have at least one luxury lodge and several campsites.

    • Samburu Serena lodge- Comfy cottages with breezy verandas red-lined ceiling and canopy beds offering plenty of activities such as slide shows, bird walks, hike up L’Olgotoi hill, and camel rides.
    • Buffalo spring lodge- Are reed-lined cottages with a swimming pool but no meals
    • Special camp sites-Located along freshwater springs along the Isiolo and the Maji ya Chumvi river but no facilities available only camping
    • Elephant watch camp-has massive thatched roofs cling to crooked acacia branches and towers, palatial eight-sided tent and large terraces with natural material pervades and stunning bathroom making the camp most
    • Samburu game lodge-several thatched log cottages that offer more privacy, décor, large verandas, and modern bathroom. Also the availability of one large apartment-like block along the
    • Larsen’s tented camp- located beneath the acacias and spread along the river bank is spacious with very comfortable semi-permanent tents. The camp has scenic verandas, rigs, modern bathrooms, and king-size beds complete with headboards colonial-style leather chests. Even disable travelers can access the
    • Samburu intrepid club- Has thatched roofs and canopy beds in the Africanluxurious tent with bar’s teak loungers and gaze over the Ewaso Nyiro
    • Samburupublic campsite- Spread along the Ewaso Nyiro river northern bank with bathroom blocks and some secluded spots for
    • ShabaSarova lodge- A spectacular almost over the top place nestles on the Ewaso Nyiro River with a magnificent pool next is a natural spring flow the gorgeous open-air bar, restaurant with pretty lavish rooms.


  • Special campsites- Shaded by acacias it’s next to a semi-permanent spring providing water for the wildlife and visitors but one must be accompanied by a
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