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Lake Baringo


Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo. It is a unique lake since it is a rare freshwater Rift Valley lake that is encircled by mountains and its surface is dotted with picturesque islands and hippos batting their eyelids thus a very authentic view. Moreover, it has an abundance of birdlife of over 1200 bird species that enable a glimpse of rare and feathered flyers.

Lake access is east at the Kampi ya samaki on the western shore. The main attraction of the lake is bird watching whereby with over 1200 species, more than 450 have been spotted. Through the use of boat rides, travelers would be able to enjoy the sight of the fish eagles feeding where the birds know how to dive in a whistle thus photography opportunities. With constant twittering, chirping, and cooing of birds in the trees travelers would enjoy the unique dawn bird walk and a magnificent fish eagle in action.

There is cultural and communities tourism with the presence of host communities such as the Pokot, Tugen, and Njemps (local cousin of the Massai tribe mainly practice pastoralism and fishing.) There is a Devil Island with a fearsome reputation of being inhabited and uncharted. Rock climbing can be practiced with rock-forming cliffs outside the town.

Accommodation facilities include;

  1. BUDGET:
    • Baharilodge and -known by safari drivers’ vehicles.
    • Weavers lodge-Located down a rocky alley off the town main The hotel has good size rooms that have fans, mosquito nets, and comfortable beds.
    • Robert camp- Easily spotted from Kampi ya Samaki but right from the lake with camping facilities tent, comfortable cottages, cooking facilities, and an open-air


    • Lake Baringo club: Has pleasant rooms with angled wooden ceilings, comfortable beds wee terraces, and linoleum floors. Facilities include the swimming pool, game rooms, badminton court, and library, and a nightly slide featuring beautiful birds sighted around the lake.
    • Island camp Baringo: This is a luxury tented camp located at Ol Kokwe Island making it a perfect hideaway. Have 23 double tents set among flowering trees all overlooking the lake with two bars and water sport equipment facilities?
    • SamatianIsland: A truly exclusive experience with three chalets rented as a unit.
    • Thirsty goat-a a lovely open-air restaurant and bar that serves a variety of foreign meals.
    • LakeBaringo club- most excellent food

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