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Aberdare National Park


Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park. The park was formed in the year 1950 and it’s enclosed with two different environments:

  1. A60km stretch of moorland, peaks, and forest atop the Western Kinangop
  2. Easternoutcrop of dense rainforest known as


The park has varieties of flora and fauna and authentic scenery having the elephants the buffaloes dominated. Black rhinos, giant forest hogs, black servals, and rare black leopards can be spotted. The park does not have any lions since they were transferred to protect the endangered bongo antelopes. The park is also known to have Chania falls, Karura falls and Gura falls(less accessible). A game drive would be hard due to the dense rainforest of the Salient that provides an excellent cover of the wild animals compared to the open savannah of Massai Mara and Amboseli. Game trekking is not easily advisable due to the dense forest hence dangerous.

  • KiandongoroFishing lodge-Located at the excellent spot on the high moor of the Gura River that offers bathrooms, gas-power kitchens, dining rooms and
  • Saper hut- a simple Banda with an open fire, two beds, and a hot water boiler, overlooking waterfall on the upper Magura
  • Tusk camp-located near Ruhuruini gate having four cottages that provide beds of 3 to 10

Top-end has:


  • Tree tops-it is historically known where Queen Elizabeth II spent the night as a princess and woke up as a  The place was destroyed by the Mau Mau guerrillas


into ashes but the current exterior quite resembles a weathered shipwreck and reeks of charm.

  • Ark-Since it is located higher in Aberdares, Ark’s floodlit waterhole is surrounded by grasses and mountain forests which attracts a wider array of animals.

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